May 30, 2012

Easily Backup and Restore Your Web Browser Profile with Hekasoft Backup & Restore

Nowadays most software, browsers in particular, come with profile feature which means they store users’ information in different profiles. Sometimes web browser users feel that their profile is very important and are concerned about the loss of data if their profile gets deleted from the browser somehow. Unfortunately, most browsers do not support any option to backup or restore profile so that you get your profile back in case of any damage. You can manually back up your profile from software installation folder but it is not an easy task and needs good technical knowledge. But one freeware application helps you to make the backup and restoring process easy. Hekasoft Backup & Restore is the freeware application that allows you to back up your profile folder for main Windows browsers and software. The backup will save all the user profiles and configuration. This comes in handy if you want to move your existing profile to a new computer.

How to use it?

The application is very simple and has only two steps to backup and restore the profile. Just start the application and select the software from the main screen of this application. After selecting the software (for example, I have selected Google Chrome) go to Step 2 and choose what you want to do. As we have started the application for the first time, we have to take backup of profile. Click on Backup and Start the backup process.

After pressing the Start button, Hekasoft Backup & Restore will start the backup process and will take a few seconds to back up the entire profile data. You can use the same process to restore the backup any time. Just select Restore option in Step 2 instead of Backup.

It is small application but very helpful to back up all your installed browsers in the system like Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Opera, Firefox and lots more.

Supported Software List;
- Comodo Dragon
- FileZilla
- Google Chrome
- Mozilla Calendar/Sunbird
- Mozilla Firefox
- Mozilla Thunderbird
- Opera
- Pale Moon
- SRWare Iron
- SeaMonkey
- Skype
- Safari
- Maxthon3
- RockMelt
- Avant Browser

[Download Free Backup and Restore]


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Huawei Mobile Partner 23 Released with Two Different Skins

Nowadays USB modems going popular and Huawei is the top USB modem manufacturer. Most of mobile operators all over the world using Huawei USB modems to distribute internet service.

All mobile companies released their own connection manager based on Mobile Partner to access internet using USB stick. Mobile Partner is most popular software to connect all types Huawei modems to internet. Using Mobile Partner we can get phone call, SMS, MMS and other 3 service.

Previously, Huawei released Mobile Partner 16 version and it is still very popular, Huawei modem users like it. Finally! Now we have latest Mobile Partner version available to download, it is Mobile Partner 23. Mobile Partner 23 comes with three types of skins one default two other to change Mobile Partner look. New Mobile Partner 23 look is more compact, organized and easier to use than all previous version. I just download this Mobile Partner on my system to taste its look, appearance and features. Sorry but if you are looking for phone call option in this Mobile Partner that you will find missing.

It is more advanced version comes with new look but I not found any option to call someone using Huawei Modem. Previous version of Mobile Partner released with calling features but this feature is not available on latest version. May be using some tricks and files editing we can enable phone call option also. Many of Huawei user has been expected for video calling option in new version of Mobile Partner but Huawei failed to enable this feature on Mobile Partner 23 version. I explained all about Mobile Partner 23 with its cons and pros. You will get download link at the end of this post.
Enjoy some screenshots of new Mobile Partner 23:


To download this latest version you can visit our Facebook Fan page or below link. Please press like button to get download link and other freeware utility.

[Download Mobile Partner 23]


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Create Windows Bootable USB Pen Drive Quickly


USB is a reliable device to keep your data safe and secure for a longer period of time than CD or DVD. Since the last two years USB has been the first choice to install any operating system on the computer. But most users have no idea how to create a bootable USB pen drive to install any operating system on their computer. There are lots of freeware tools available on the internet to create a bootable pen drive in seconds but today I am going to review a new tool which is able to create bootable USB pen drive without following any complicated process.

On this blog, I have reviewed many applications related to bootable USB but most of them have lots of options to follow and make the process of creating a bootable USB more complicated.  

WiNTBootic is a completely new application which offers the easiest way to create a bootable USB pen drive for Windows. Using this application is very simple. You need to follow only two steps to burn any bootable ISO image into a USB pen drive. First of all, you need to insert the USB pen drive that you want to make bootable and then simply drag the ISO file on the application’s main interface. Once you have completed both the steps, click on the Do It! button. Make sure the drive letter that you connected with the system is the correct one because if you select the wrong drive there is a possibility that you might lose all information.


You can also select the quick format button to erase all the existing data from the inserted USB pen drive. Once you have clicked the Do It! button, the application will take some time to burn the bootable ISO file into pen drive. After the process is complete you can use your newly created bootable USB pen drive to install operating system on any computer that supports boot from USB option.


On the developer’s website of this application there is a comparison chart of WiNToBootic with all the other popular USB bootable makers like UNETBootin, WinToFlash, Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, Windows 7 SBB Tool, HP USB Key Utility and Yumi. This small utility is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 (32bit and 64bit).

[Download WiNToBootic]

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Cyber Revenge on our freedom

check this if you believe in cyber revenge,....... haha

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Facebook looking to buy Opera web browser?

Facebook looking to buy Opera web browser?
Facebook with IPO strife,Instagram buyouts, rumours of smartphone creation and now reports that the giant company wants to buy its own web browser.

The Social having a eye on the Opera browser, which has carved a niche on Android mobile phones and Apple devices, but it is also present in Mac and PC Computers.According to report,Facebook is planning to buy a Norwegian

Software in a bid to launch its own browser to expand their browser space.

This will be a competition with other technology companies in the browser war game such as Google,Yahoo recently launched Axis.The report’s “trusted source” didnt’t offer any further information on the addition of the money involved or the timescale for a possible bid.

 The Next Web followed up the report and says Opera Software, Which owns the browser, is currently taking to potential buyers.

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Why Facebook uses Blue Color?

Why Facebook uses Blue Color?

Facebook the billion dollar company uses blue as its favourite color, Ever you open the Social Networking website facebook, the first thing that come across your eye is the blue color it uses.Have you ever wondered why Facebook using the Blue Color on all its day on the internet. Yes you have to question yourself about that.

Althought major changes have taken place and made some intersting forms of dimensions the color didn’t change. Ever since they started as ‘thefacebook’, Facebook has sticked with the blue color.
Every login page of the website and also in the Facebook group login page you will find only the blue color.

The young successful entrepreneur and the founder of Facebook is red-gree color-blind and blue is the richest color for him which he has confirmed in an interview with Lep Laporte.
Every color other than blue tend to distract the viewers in some perception and thas the important commercial factor for using blue color.Blue acts as a transparent background to the main content as it is visible to the brain of  human.

This is why most websites are eager to use the blue color and they are doing the same.It can easily be called a webmaster’s favourite color.Blue Color is also called as ‘Nirvana’ for the brain

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Anonymous To Stage Street Protest on 9th June, Join Us In Your City

Anonymous has invited people from india to take part in a protest.

“We are Anonymous cos none of us is as cruel as all of us.” Join the facebook events to know more about what is going in and around your city.  Meet the fellow folks who are going to protest on 9th June against Internet Censorship.

Occupy Mumbai -  SoBo is the tentative place for protest.

Occupy Delhi - India Gate

Occupy Chandigarh -  The Plaza, Sector 17, Chandigarh.

Occupy UP - *tentative*

Occupy Indore -  Regal Square.

Occupy Kolkata - South City Mall.

Occupy Hyderabad - Hitech City.

Occupy Bangalore – M.G. Road.

Occupy Cochin - Marine Drive.

Occupy Calicut -  Calicut Beach Opposite To  Beach Hotel

Occupy Nagpur - *tentative*

Occupy Pune - Shivaji Nagar.

If you want to help/support our cause and protest in your city let us know we’ll help you co-ordinate the protest said Anonymous.
If you want to help/support our cause and protest in your city let us know we’ll help you co-ordinate the protest.

They have mentioned that “People of India, it is high time you all realized that you need to take the action if your country needs to be saved. So here is your chance. On June 9th we are conducting nation wide protest at multiple cities in India. Join us.”
This is to be a NON-VIOLENT protest in all means. So as there can be cases of this failing or external groups that may try to disrupt our operation using violence we are hereby issuing the following directives so that you can be safe.

01. The protest is a Non-Violent one.
02. Protesters may not use vehicles to protest as this may cause accidents, please keep vehicles out of the protest crowd.
03. One shall not keep any harmful items like weapons, stones etc with oneself.
04. Those who can wear the Guy Fawkes Mask. Printable version is available on the web.
05. Please bring placards, banners etc that you can prepare so for the cause.
06. For whom it is possible bring cameras and record events. Use your smart phone to stream it online using ustream. This will give us proof if something bad is attempted at the protest.
08. Fire or burning at all of any figures or material is to NOT be done.
09. Please hand over anyone who causes violence to the police.
10. Protest well. Our future may depend on it.
Thank you!We are anonymous
We are a Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
EXPECT US This is how they ended their voice.

For buying Anonymous mask :

Make your own mask :
Anonymous on Twitter – @opindia_back (Official Account).

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Anonymous hacks into Reliance servers in India; prevents users from accessing Facebook, Twitter


Reliance Communications customers were unable to access Facebook, Twitter and other sites for several hours on Saturday after hacker group Anonymous reportedly hacked into the Reliance servers.
According to reports on sites like MediaNama andZDNet, Anonymous hacked into Reliance’s servers in such a way that users trying to access Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail and Yahoo were greeted by this message:
As the screenshot says, Anonymous’ latest step is to protest against the suspension of their old Twitter page, which Anonymous alleges was done at Government of India’s behest. The message from Anonymous goes on to criticize the Government for colluding with the ISPs and censoring the internet.
Anonymous has been tweeting against the Department of Telecom and Internet Service Providers like Reliance. The hacktivists are opposed to torrent sites being blocked by companies who get court orders to prevent pirated content from being shared at sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion and others.
On Friday, Anonymous held a press-conference via an Internet chat in which it criticized Reliance on similar grounds.
Anonymous had last week brought down various websites including that of Congress Party and Reliance Big Cinemas to protest against the blocking of Vimeo and file-sharing sites by ISPs.

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Iran 'finds fix' for sophisticated Flame malware

Iran says it has developed tools that can defend against the sophisticated cyber attack tool known as Flame.
The country is believed to have been hit hard by the malicious programme which infiltrates networks in order to steal sensitive data.
Security companies said Flame, named after one of its attack modules, is one of the most complex threats ever seen.
Iran says its home-grown defence could both spot when Flame is present and clean up infected PCs.
Hard work Iran's National Computer Emergency Response Team (Maher) said in a statement that the detection and clean-up tool was finished in early May and is now ready for distribution to organisations at risk of infection.
Flame was discovered after the UN's International Telecommunications Union asked for help from security firms to find out what was wiping data from machines across the Middle East.
An investigation uncovered the sophisticated malicious programme which, until then, had largely evaded detection.
An in-depth look at Flame by the Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security at Hungary's University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, said it stayed hidden because it was so different to the viruses, worms and trojans that most security programmes were designed to catch.
  Screengrab of Flame

Start Quote

Flame is not a widespread threat”
Graham Cluley Sophos
In addition, said the report, Flame tried to work out which security scanning software was installed on a target machine and then disguised itself as a type of computer file that an individual anti-virus programme would not usually suspect of harbouring malicious code.
Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at security firm Sophos, said the programme had also escaped detection because it was so tightly targeted.
"Flame isn't like a Conficker or a Code Red. It's not a widespread threat," he told the BBC. "The security firm that talked a lot about Flame only found a couple of hundred computers that appeared to have been impacted."
Mr Cluley said detecting the software was not difficult once it had been spotted.
"It's much much easier writing protection for a piece of malware than analysing what it actually does," he said. "What's going to take a while is dissecting Flame to find out all of its quirks and functionality."
It is not yet clear who created Flame but experts say its complexity suggests that it was the work of a nation state rather than hacktivists or cyber criminals.
Iran suffered by far the biggest number of Flame infections, suggest figures from Kaspersky Labs in a report about the malicious programme.
Kaspersky said 189 infections were reported in Iran, compared to 98 in Israel/Palestine and 32 in Sudan. Syria, Lebanon, Saudia Arabia and Egypt were also hit.
In April, Iran briefly disconnected servers from the net at its Kharg island oil terminal as it cleared up after a virus outbreak - now thought to be caused by Flame.
In the same statement that announced its home-grown detection tool, Iran said Flame's "propagation methods, complexity level, precise targeting and superb functionality" were reminiscent of the Stuxnet and Duqu cyber threats to which it had also fallen victim.
Stuxnet is widely believed to have been written to target industrial equipment used in Iran's nuclear enrichment programme.

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'Flame’, the world’s ‘most sophisticated cyber weapon’, discovered

Flame virus keyboard burning
Cybersecurity experts have uncovered the so-called "Flame" malware, the largest and most dangerous piece of spyware known to man.
Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kapersky Lab has discovered the world’s largest, most complex, and potentially most dangerous “cyber weapons” ever found. Known as “Flame,” the malware has been detected in machines across the Middle East, with the highest concentration of Flame infections found in Iranian computers, leading experts to believe that the malware is government-created.
At 20 megabytes in size, and with many individual parts, Flame is 20 times larger than either Stuxnet or DuQu, the two piece of malware previously considered the most dangerous.
According to Alexander Gostev, Kapersky’s head of Global Research and Analysis, Flame first came to Kapersky Lab’s attention after the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a part of the United Nations, requested that Kapersky look into a an “an unknown piece of malware which was deleting sensitive information across the Middle East.” Specifically, Flame, which earlier media reports on the mysterious malware refer to it as either “Wiper” or “Viper,” was found on computers of the Iranian Oil Ministry and the Iranian National Oil Compuany.
What Kapersky’s cybersecurity experts uncovered was “what might be the most sophisticated cyber weapon yet unleashed,” writes Gostev, on the Kapersky blog SecureList. Flame “is a backdoor, a Trojan, and it has worm-like features, allowing it to replicate in a local network and on removable media if it is commanded so by its master,” writes Gostev. Flame allows its operators vast spying capabilities, including the ability to take screenshots, take control of the keyboard, and even record audio over an infected computer’s microphone.
Like Stuxnet and DuQu, the creator of Flame remains a mystery. Based on certain details, however, Kapersky has narrowed down the choice of candidates to one category: nation states.
“Currently there are three known classes of players who develop malware and spyware: hacktivists, cybercriminals and nation states,” writes Gostev. “Flame is not designed to steal money from bank accounts. It is also different from rather simple hack tools and malware used by the hacktivists. So by excluding cybercriminals and hacktivists, we come to conclusion that it most likely belongs to the third group. In addition, the geography of the targets (certain states are in the Middle East) and also the complexity of the threat leaves no doubt about it being a nation state that sponsored the research that went into it.”
At the moment, a Western government (like the United States), or Israel, seem the most likely creators of Flame, given the fact that Iran — considered by some as one of the greatest threats to Israel — is the most-targeted country. Other areas that have Flame-infected computers include the Palestinian territories in Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Austria, Hungry, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong.
As AFP reports, Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Yaalon issued a statement about Flame, which seems to implicate the Israeli government’s involvement with its development and/or distribution.
“For anyone who sees the Iranian threat as significant, it is reasonable that he would take different steps, including these, in order to hobble it,” he said in an interview with the Israeli army radio. “Israel is blessed with being a country which is technologically rich, and these tools open up all sorts of possibilities for us.”
The exact date of Flame’s release is currently unknown. Gostev says the files that could reveal this information have been updated repeatedly with fake dates, but that they know it has been “out in the wild” since at least February or March of 2010. Wired reports that at least one part of the massive Flame malware appeared on computers in Europe all the way back in December of 2007, and in Dubai at the end of April, 2008.
A number of antivirus firms, including Kapersky, BitDefender, and Semantec, are currently analyzing Flame. BitDefender has released tools for removing Flame from infected computers, available here. And Iran’s Computer Emergency Response Team has issued a statement, saying that it has created a detector to find the so-called “Flamer” malware on infected machines, as well as a way to remove the invasive bit of code.
To learn more about the Flame spyware, check out Kapersky’s Q&A here.

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May 23, 2012

Create a Unique Password for Every Site You Use

You want to create lengthy, complicated and unique passwords for every website that you use but that rarely happens in practice because these complex strings would be nearly impossible for anyone to remember.
Most people thus rely on password management software that encrypt and store all your passwords in a database which is protected by a single password. You enter that master password and you instantly have access to all your stored user logins and passwords.

unique passwords

There’s however another solution as well that will help you generate unique passwords for all your online accounts but without storing the passwords anywhere – neither online nor on your computer. It’s called Password Chameleon.
With Password Chameleon, all you have to do is remember one master password. You enter the site’s domain name (say and your master password (say He!!0WorId) and tool will instantly create a password by mashing these two strings. Every time you enter your master password and the web domain, the tool will generate the same password.
The good thing is that passwords are generated locally on your computer and while all your online accounts will have unique passwords, you will have to remember just one master password. Also, Password Chameleon uses the SHA-1 Algorithm to generate your passwords (aka hashes) and it impossible to decrypt the master password from the generated hashes.
The downside is that this method isn’t a very practical solution for people who could be maintaining multiple accounts on the same website. The web app and browser extensions are free though the mobile apps cost a little less than $2.

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May 20, 2012

Some Interesting Facts About Linux Kernel

Tux - Logo
Linux Official Mascot - Tux
Do you know that Linux kernel was first released on march 1994??? Today at techcress we are here to share some interesting facts about linux, so if you are a linux fan or want to be a fan or just want to know some facts about linux then just read on.

Interesting Facts About Linux Kernel:

1. Linux was originally created by a university student(University of Helsinki (Finland)) named “Linus Torvalds” at the age of 21, Linus Torvalds started to create linux as just a hobby.

2. At first Linus thought to name Linux as “Freax”. Which is a combination of ‘free’, ‘freak’ and X to indicate that it is Unix-like system.

3. Actually Linux is not any operating system, Linux is an operating system kernel used by the family of Linux distributions.

4. Thousands and thousands of programmers and developers are continually contributing for the development of linux.

5. It be been told by a study funded by European union that it would cost more that $1.14 billion USD(estimate) to redevelop the most recent kernel versions.

6. Linux was written in C language.

7. Today, more than 90%(to be exact it is 91.4% ) of the modern supercomputers are Linux variant. Among the top 500 super computers in the world , Linux is used in 457 super computers. The other’s are followed by Unix with 30 super computers, 11 super computers with mixed operating systems, 1 super computer with Open-Solaris and BSD, and finally the remaining 1 super computer has been running with windows.

8. As of today “Linus Torvalds” has written 2% of the Linux kernel code.

9. When Linux kernel 1.0.0 was released, it is with 176,250 lines of code. But as of today, the recent linux kernel has more than 10 million lines of code, thanks to worldwide developers and programmers.

10. You know what, there is an unmodified version Linux kernel named “Vanilla Kernel”.

11. As of today, Linux is powering most critical applications like “Traffic control systems, Japans bullet trains, Stock Exchanges,  Air traffic controls and many other..”.

12. You know what, Microsoft Windows and Linux kernel can run simultaneously in parallel on the same machine using a software called Cooperative Linux.

Finally there is a thing i wish to say and the (following sentence is from, “Linux is tiny on desktops, powerful on servers, mighty on Web servers, and rules over all on supercomputers.”

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People addicted to computers and the internet

a addicted internet 1 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

addicted internet 15 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

addicted internet 5 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

addicted internet 10 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

addicted internet 14 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)
addicted internet 3 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

addicted internet 12 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

addicted internet 18 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

addicted internet 8 Addicted to the Internets (20 photos)

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Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

Download Youtube Videos

Download YouTube Videos

To help you download youtube videos without any software there are many online services which provide means to download your desired videos directly to your desktop. So in this post we will see some interesting and good site’s to download youtube videos.

These online services are very useful and some of these also provide the youtube videos in different formats and also in different quality. These online services work on any platform(linux, windows, mac) without any hustle. The only downside of these online services is that you cannot download 2 or more videos simultaneously.

To download videos from these online services you do require a latest version of java installed on your system(most of us has it installed). Ok of this introduction and lets roll our top 5 online services to download youtube videos(There are too many services so that we had limited them to top 5).

Online Services To Download YouTube Videos

1) – I mostly use this service to download youtube videos and this is a pretty straightforward service. You just need to copy and paste the youtube video url and it will then use your pre-installed java and gives you links to download videos from low to high quality.

2) – Savevid is similar to keepvid but offers much more options to download youtube videos in different formats and quality. Savevid also provides with top 10 list, categories, archives etc.., and the download links are appeared directly.

3) – These online service provide’s you to download youtube videos in formats like 3GP, FLV and MP4. To download youtube videos from this service just add “keep” after “www.” in youtube url.
EX: (normal url) (add “keep” to download the video)
4) – This service is also same as the above, so just add “kick” after “www.” in youtube url.

5) – This site not only provides you with the download options but also converts the videos in to different formats, so that there is no need to convert the download video in your system.
Not only these but there are may other similar sites which help you download youtube videos.  If you think that this list is not enough than you can just google for the rest of them. Or if you know some other better service then just share with use, so that we can use it to download youtube videos.

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Crazy, Funny And Interesting Computer Facts


Read ALL are goods 



Interesting Facts About Computers

1. First of all, It took more than 30 years for radio to reach 50 million people, 14 years for television and only 4 years for World Wide Web(WWW) to reach 50 million people.

2. Did you guys know that there was another keyboard layout called “The Dvorak (pronounced ‘duh-VOR-ak’) keyboard” and it is designed scientifically and proved to be much more efficient then the regular Qwerty Keyboard. Actually Qwerty keyboard layout is not designed for the typing efficiency but was designed to reduce the hardware conflicts(like jamming) in early typewriters. Anyway Dvorak Keyboard couldn’t get the users love ;) .

Dvorak Keyboard layout

Scientifically designed Dvorak Keyboard layout

3. OK, you may think its weird but Email has been longer than the World Wide Web.

4. Oh my gosh… the second weird thing is that, Bill Gates(Dad of Microsoft) house was designed using Macintosh.

5. According to the records, the first “banner advertising was used in 1994″.

6. You know that the team of 12 engineers who built IBM pc were called “The Dirty Dozen”.

7. The other name of Microsoft Windows Tutorial is “Crash Course”.

8. The first computer mouse was invented around 1964 by Doug Engelbart and it is made of “Wood”.

9. You know what, Domain names were registering with the rate of more that 1 million a year and the first domain name ever sold was “” and was registered on 15th March 1985.

10.Lastly, If you want computer aquarium, then you can happily have a “Macquarium”. Macquarium is actually built with old Mac Computers.

There are lot more known and unknown facts, so why don’t you share the facts you know???

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How To Enable Windows7 Aero And Install Themes In Home Basic and Starter

windows 7
How to enable Aero effect and how to install windows7 themes in windows 7 starter or home basic editions, this is the most asked question…. Actually what i love about windows7 is its improved Aero effects such as Aero peek, glassy effects etc.., But if you are a Home Basic or Starter user you can’t enjoy these cool effect’s also cannot install any themes. So I’m going to explain how to enable Aero effects and how to install windows7 themes in these two editions so that you can enjoy the real coolness.
Before going further make sure that you have minimum system requirements of
  • Atleast 2GB of memory(RAM)
  • A good graphic card(optional)
Actually there are many other programs which will help you in enabling the Aero effect, but most of them cannot help you in enabling Aero-peek, glassy effects and installing windows7 themes. But Personalization-Panel will help you do all the things you need and will also add personalize tab in right-click menu.

Things you need

A piece of software called Personalization-Panel(Aero Patch) which you can download from Softpedia.
2 min of your time.

Enabling Aero effect

After downloading the app given above extract it to your desktop. Before using it, do perform a virus scan with your updated antivirus or use virus scanner). After you have satisfied with the result, just double-click it and a window will be opened just like the one below.

Personalization Panel
To install this app just click the OK button and restart your pc, After restarting your pc you can see that your windows edition is now Aero enabled. Not only that but, from now you can install all the windows7 themes.
I’ve just installed Personalization Panel on my Dell laptop(came with W7 Home Basic) and it just worked like charm…. You can see the screenshot below.
Click on the image to enlarge
It worked on my Dell laptop

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Reset Your Mobile Memory Card Password 2 minutes (with out formating)


Use BADCOPY software which allows you to recover data from a scratch unreadable CD. Bad Copy allows you to store the the data from CD with out your computer getting hang. It will allow to view all the files and folders. 

 Just insert CD and open BAD COPY it will show you all the Content of your CD Just select the important files and start rescue it will take some time but will then as you to save the content,just give the path and the important file will get saved.


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May 12, 2012

Latest Google Hacking Keywords

Hello My friends we have discuss with you some Google hacking tips & tricks which you can find HERE so Everything has to be updated when a new comes so sit and download a list of Google hacking keywords by which you can find and download some juicy Information from Google like confidential emails , some passwords of sites with username and many types of data which you buy from sites by giving them money so I am helping you and if u are reading this carefully so I want to aware that
never upload data like some confidential documents or some important files, pictures or any type of data which you do not want to disclose publically in Gmail or any drafts and never send email them if you are emailing so take a step you should create a pin for your documents or you want a easy method so go HERE and send free a password protected mail.
Here is a list of some LATEST Google hacking Keywords:-

1. "Index of /admin"
2. "Index of /password"
3. "Index of /mail"
4. "Index of /" +passwd
5. "Index of /" +password.txt
6. "Index of /" +.htaccess
7. index of ftp +.mdb allinurl:/cgi-bin/ +mailto
8. administrators.pwd.index
9. authors.pwd.index
10. service.pwd.index
11. filetype:config web
12. gobal.asax index
13. allintitle: "index of/admin"
14. allintitle: "index of/root"
15. allintitle: sensitive filetype:doc
16. allintitle: restricted filetype :mail
17. allintitle: restricted filetype:doc site:gov
18. inurlasswd filetype:txt
19. inurl:admin filetype:db
20. inurl:iisadmin
21. inurl:"auth_user_file.txt "
22. inurl:"wwwroot/*."
23. top secret site:mil
24. confidential site:mil
25. allinurl: winnt/system32/ (get cmd.exe)
26. allinurl:/bash_history
27. intitle:"Index of" .sh_history
28. intitle:"Index of" .bash_history
29. intitle:"index of" passwd
30. intitle:"index of" people.lst
31. intitle:"index of" pwd.db
32. intitle:"index of" etc/shadow
33. intitle:"index of" spwd
34. intitle:"index of" master.passwd
35. intitle:"index of" htpasswd
36. intitle:"index of" members OR accounts
37. intitle:"index of" user_carts OR user_cart
38. ALTERNATIVE INPUTS=================== =
39. _vti_inf.html
40. service.pwd
41. users.pwd
42. authors.pwd
43. administrators.pwd
44. shtml.dll
45. shtml.exe
46. fpcount.exe
47. default.asp
48. showcode.asp
49. sendmail.cfm
50. getFile.cfm
51. imagemap.exe
52. test.bat
53. msadcs.dll
54. htimage.exe
55. counter.exe
57. hello.bat
58. default.aspdvwssr.dll
59. cart32.exe
60. add.exe
61. index.jsp
62. SessionServlet
63. shtml.dll
64. index.cfm
65. page.cfm
66. shtml.exe
67. web_store.cgi
68. shop.cgi
69. upload.asp
70. default.asp
71. pbserver.dll
72. phf
73. test-cgi
74. finger
75. Count.cgi
76. jj
77. php.cgi
78. php
79. nph-test-cgi
80. handler
81. webdist.cgi
82. webgais
83. websendmail
84. faxsurvey
85. htmlscript
86. perl.exe
88. www-sql
89. view-source
90. campas
91. aglimpse
92. glimpse
94. AT-admin.cgi
95. AT-generate.cgi
98. info2www
100. bnbform.cgi
101. survey.cgi
102. classifieds.cgi
103. wrap
104. cgiwrap
106. perl
107. names.nsf
108. webgais
110. test.cgi
111. submit.cgi
112. guestbook.cgi
114. cachemgr.cgi
115. responder.cgi
116. perlshop.cgi
117. query
118. w3-msql
119. plusmail
120. htsearch
121. infosrch.cgi
122. publisher
123. ultraboard.cgi
124. db.cgi
125. formmail.cgi
127. ssi
128. adpassword.txt
129. redirect.cgi
130. cvsweb.cgi
131. login.jsp
133. admin
134. htgrep
138. news.cgi
140. .htpasswd
141. acid_main.php
142. access.log
143. log.htm
144. log.html
145. log.txt
146. logfile
147. logfile.htm
148. logfile.html
149. logfile.txt
150. logger.html
151. stat.htm
152. stats.htm
153. stats.html
154. stats.txt
155. webaccess.htm
156. wwwstats.html
157. source.asp
158. perl
159. mailto.cgi
162. cached_feed.cgi
163. global.cgi
165. build.cgi
166. common.php
167. show
169. ad.cgi
171. index.html~
172. index.php~
173. index.html.bak
174. index.php.bak
175. print.cgi
176. register.cgi
177. webdriver
178. bbs_forum.cgi
179. mysql.class
181. CrazyWWWBoard.cgi
183. way-board.cgi
184. webpage.cgi
185. pwd.dat
186. adcycle
187. post-query
188. help.cgi
189. /robots.txt
190. /admin.mdb
191. /shopping.mdb
192. /arg;
193. /stats/styles.css
194. /statshelp.htm
195. /favicon.ico
196. /stats/admin.mdb
197. /shopdbtest.asp
198. /cgi-bin/test.cgi
199. /cgi-bin/
200. /cgi-bin/env.cgi
201. /photos/protest/styles.css
202. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
203. /cgi-bin/whereami.cgi
204. /shopping400.mdb
205. /cgi/test.cgi
206. /cgi-bin/
207. /photos/protest/kingmarch_02.html
208. /chevy/index.htm
209. /cgi-bin/glocation.cgi
210. /cgi-bin/test2.cgi
211. /ccbill/glocation.cgi
212. /cgi-bin/styles.css
213. /shopping350.mdb
214. /cgi-bin/shopper.cgi
215. /shopadmin.asp
216. /news_2003-02-27.htm
217. /cgi-bin/whois.cgi
218. /cgi-bin/
219. /cgi-bin/calendar/
220. /cgibin/styles.css
221. /venem.htm
222. /stats/
223. /cgi-bin/
224. /cgibin/shopper.cgi&TEMPLATE=ORDE R.LOG
225. /cgibin/recon.cgi
226. /cgibin/test.cgi
227. /WebShop/templates/styles.css
228. /stats/shopping350.mdb
229. /cgi-bin/mailform.cgi
230. /cgi-bin/recon.cgi
231. /chevy
232. /cgi-bin/servinfo.cgi
233. /acart2_0.mdb
234. /cgi-bin/where.cgi
235. /chevy/

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