August 27, 2012

How to find serial of any Software easily ? -Updated


serial,key,find,easilyEvery Body wants to have some quality and useful software with easy to use interface in their laptop or personal computer. But the main problem which occurs is that the most of the software which attracts the users for their usage are obviously payable .

 Only very few good quality softwares are not in this list. So after finding a good software usually we curse our head off into internet world to find an actually working serial for for that particular software .. So as I have told you every single day that when you are in HU you dont have to be worried for your problems .. We take all of those to serve you a brilliant idea everyday ..


How to Find Serials of any Software from Google with a Small Trick ?

  • At First visit
  • -Now in the search field just type "Software Name" 94FBR and press enter..

  •  So you will get a screen like the upper one.. In the upper pic I have searched for IDM 6.12  here. You can searched for any software you like. You just have to put your software's name in field of "idm 6.12" as shown in the upper pic.
  • And that's it.. See all the results.. Visit any link from the search result and get your desired serials there.

How this Trick Actually works ?

So I know what you are must thinking .. You are thinking that how this trick works in GOOGLE !! And what "94FBR" actually is !!
 For your knowledge we are sharing the method by which this trick works also.. Actually "94FBR" is part of serial of MS Office 2000 .. Which is one of the first popular and payable software for mango people like us. So in google when you search any software with that code (94FBR) google actually takes your search as "Hey Google ..Find me the Serial for this Software Dude !! " .. So google immediately finds those page which actually contains the serial or crack of that software.. No scam page will not be shown .. So you can easily find the serial ..

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Adobe Master Collection CS6 Serials and Patch -New


When it comes to designing solution for anything ; from website designing to superb image designing the first solution which comes to our mind has to be a product from Adobe. It is the largest company offering designing software for Windows and Mac both . 
So as you know that we have already given away serials for extended version of CS6 ; now we are here with a awesome patch coz we think it is better than providing a bunch of serials which we have already tried .. So instead of having the serials keyword in the title we haven't included any serials in this post..So now without wasting much time lets go direct to the method by which we are patching it..


Follow the Following Steps :-

  • Download CS6 master Collection from Torrent or From going to The Official site .
  • Now Download this patch by clicking here .. (Checked by Kespersky)
  • It is installation time .. Now just Run the Setup file.. 
  • Choose "Try Now' option from the installer .
  • There will be a option of "Sign in" or "Create an Adobe ID" ... Select the Second option ..
  • Now fill up the from with any info .. It doesn't matter actually .. And press Create...
  • A install window will be forwarded through .. Select all option or as your choice and press Install ..
  • Now install will be completed in 5-10 mins as your PC affords..
  • Now navigate to the Patch which was downloaded from here few Minutes ago..
  • Open the Patch and Click on Patch.
  • It will open a new window.
  • On that window navigate to the installation directory which is generally C:\Program Files\Adobe and find the "amtlib.dll" file from the folders there .. You will find many  "amtlib.dll" file there in almost every folder .. you have to patch them one by one by opening this patch many time.. (If you only use one program from Master Collection you can only patch the  "amtlib.dll"  file  from that folder and ignore other folders as well.. But recomended is to patch every "amtlib.dll"  file found.)
  • Thats it.. You are Done.. Now Enjoy Adobe Master Collection CS6 for free..
So I think I have maiden all clear.. But if you still face some problem you are free to ask me any time by commenting below.. Plz leave a comment saying whether this trick works or not ..Till then Be fresh Be Geek..

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Do You Know About the Differences between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro?

We have been reading about Windows 8 and its various versions every day but unfortunately lots of computer users are still in confusion regarding which Windows 8 version build is suitable for them. It is well known that Windows 8 will release on the 26th of October and it will be available in 4 different versions – Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 RTM.

This has led to the confusion of many people as to which version they need to install on their PC. First of all, let me tell you that Windows 8 RTM is not for desktops; it is specially built for Windows 8 Tablets that run on ARM chips.

Similarly, Windows 8 Enterprise edition is also not for desktop users as it has been designed for IT organization which includes Windows 8 Pro Features, PC management and deployment, advanced security, virtualization, new mobility scenarios, and much more.

That leaves two other versions of Windows 8 that we have to choose from – Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 is a entry level operating system designed for Home users which includes all the basic features of Windows 8 Pro except BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, Boot from VHD, Client Hyper-V, Domain Join, Encrypting File System, Group Policy, Remote Desktop (host) Upgrades from Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate.

If you have installed a version of Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate then you can’t upgrade it to Windows 8 version but it can be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro version.


Most of the features that are missing in Windows 8 only version are not so important for normal computer users as these features are specially useful for business users. Windows 8 Pro features like Domain Join, Group Policy, Remote Desktop are not unnecessary tools for Home users but these features are an important part for IT users.

Windows 7 users who have installed Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium can easily upgrade their OS to Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. Here, I have tried to clarify most of differences between Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. If you are still uncertain, you can comment below and I will try my best to give satisfactory answers to your questions.

To get more information about the differences between Windows 8 version check the table below:

Feature name Windows 8 Windows 8 Pro Windows RT
Upgrades from Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium

Upgrades from Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate
Start screen, Semantic Zoom, Live Tiles x x x
Windows Store x x x
Apps (Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging, Photos, SkyDrive, Reader, Music, Video) x x x
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)

Internet Explorer 10 x x x
Device encryption

Connected standby x x x
Microsoft account x x x
Desktop x x x
Installation of x86/64 and desktop software x x
Updated Windows Explorer x x x
Windows Defender x x x
SmartScreen x x x
Windows Update x x x
Enhanced Task Manager x x x
Switch languages on the fly (Language Packs) x x x
Better multiple monitor support x x x
Storage Spaces x x
Windows Media Player x x
Exchange ActiveSync x x x
File history x x x
ISO / VHD mount x x x
Mobile broadband features x x x
Picture password x x x
Play To x x x
Remote Desktop (client) x x x
Reset and refresh your PC x x x
Snap x x x
Touch and Thumb keyboard x x x
Trusted boot x x x
VPN client x x x
BitLocker and BitLocker To Go
Boot from VHD
Client Hyper-V
Domain Join
Encrypting File System
Group Policy
Remote Desktop (host)

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Convert Text Files into 3D EBook for Free Using Toolwiz FlipBook


The format in which we get any data or information is unpredictable; it may be in the form of Document Files, PDF files or sometimes in text(Notepad) files. Document and PDF files are easy to read and distribute over the internet but this is not the case with text files because text files have quite a few limitations. It is not a big deal with Notepad files containing inconsequential data but in case you are handling several text files which contain a large amount of information, this might become an issue.

The most popular solution is to convert Text files into PDF files but it is not a freeware solution and any decent Text to PDF convertor is very expensive. I have another solution in the form of freeware application Toolwiz FlipBook which can convert any text file into 3D ebook format quickly. Converted ebooks will be in exe file format so you can read them directly in Windows without installing any third party ebook reader.

How to Use Toolwiz FlipBook?

Toolwiz FlipBook is an easy to use application and does not contain any hard steps to convert text or notepad file into 3D ebook. In the first step of this application, you need to locate the target text file that you want to convert to 3D ebook and then set the location where you want to save the converted 3D ebook. After locating the source file and save target, enter other information like Book Name, Author Name, Advertisement and Advertisement Link. If you don’t enter Book Name then FlipBook automatically saves the name of the file that you are going to convert into 3D ebook as the book name.

Formatting other aspects of the ebook is also possible in the same application. You can set fonts and text size along with the width and height of the ebook. Once you complete all the settings, click on the Read Now button and it will take a few seconds to convert the text file into a 3D book file.


Once the text file is converted into 3D ebook, click on the output file to check whether it’s working or not. Check the screenshot of my converted 3D ebook below. If you are not satisfied with the output format, you can follow the above process again and make one more 3D ebook for free.


Another pretty interesting feature on this application is that the book will remember the last page you visited when you closed it and it can go to the same page when you open it the next time. There are some more features which make this utility very useful indeed. For example, you can goto any page by simply typing in the page number or clicking the chapter name in the chapters list. You can also search for any word in the book and it will automatically flip to the page containing that word.
Toolwiz FlipBook works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

[Download Toolwiz FlipBook]

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August 23, 2012

Top 10 indian bloggers and their Adsense Income

Check out the list of top 10 bloggers from india and their estimated adsense revenues : -


Name  - Amit Agarwal

Blog -

Alexa Rank of – 2000

 Estimated Adsense Revenue per month – $ 36,000 / Month

About – In the year 2004  amit quit his lavish job at Goldman sachs and turned a full time blogger. He writes about software and internet tools. IIT passout amit now drives Honda CRV and lives life his size in New Delhi  the way he want, with his adsense and affiliate income.


 Name – Amit Bhwanai

 Alexa rank of –  4500

 Estimated Adsense revenue – $15,000 Per Month

About – Amit bhawani started writing on his tech blog in year 2007 and pumped up different topics like career, health and travel in his blog. His blog has continuously jumped up in alexa ranking over due course of time. He now runs his own SEO firm in Hyderabad.

harsh agarwal
 Name – Harsh Agrawal

 Alexa Rank of – 3900

 Estimated Adsense Revenue – $8,000 / Month

About – 20 Something Harsh Agrawal quit his job at Convergys to become a professional  blogger. He now writes on bloging, wordpress, tips and ways to make money online. He now lives in New Delhi and blogs regularly to earn his income blended with freedom.
4. Raju PP – Raju from Bangalore quit infosys to start a life based on blogging and made it big. He blogs on gadgets and tech related stuff to pull googlers to his portal.

Blog -

Alexa Rank – 7900

Estimated Adsense revenue – $7200 / Month

5Name - Srinivas Tamada
Srinivas Tamada

Blog -

Alexa rank of - 8,000

Estimated Adsense revenue - $6500 / Month

About - Srinivas is a 20 something programming freak and his blog revoles about programming. He is one of the blogger who don’t pay a penny for hosting charges and domain name booking and is earning a handsome sum form Google.He is currently perhaps the best blogger blogging about programming and design tutorial  in India.

6Name –  Jaspal Singh
jaspal singh

Alexa Rank – 10,000

Estimated adsense revenue - $4000 /Month

About – Satpal is a  mechanical engineering graduate who took his blog at the peak of success in less than a year with his sheer dedication and ability to blog like a maniac. His other hobby is hitting the gym once his fingers get stressed.

Arun Prabhudesai 
Name – Arun Prabhudesai

Alexa rank of – 13,000

 Estimated Adsense Revenue – $3800 / Month

AboutArun writes about business trends and startups and is an avid internet geek. He started his blog in 2007 and has gradually moved up the ladders to become one of the best business bloggers in the blogging arena.


 Name – Nirmal
Alexa Rank of – 20000

 Estimated Adsense Revenue – $3200 / Month

About –  Nirmal is a Civil engineer  by education and IT professional by profession. He writes about freeware reviews, internet tips and tricks. Coming from a small town named kochi,  Nirmal has changed his life through blogging.

Name – Rahul Bansal

Alexa rank of – 21,000

Estimated Adsense Revenue – $3000 / Month

rahul bansal
About – Rahul Bansal is a computer engineer turned full time blogger and writes about Tech trends and web 2.o . His have changed his life and every bit from it from adsense money and evolved into an Entrepreneur.

honey singh 

Name – Honey Singh

Alexa rank of – 20,000

Estimated adsense Revenue – $2400 per Month

About – Honeysingh is a fresh grad out of college and is a full time tech blogger. He has opened his company Mediaredefined and constantly writes for his successful blog.


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Person Behind Top Websites In India

1)  Ajit Balakrishnan


Estimated Earnings: $40 million per year

The Story - Hailing from a Doctor family Ajit always wanted to be a Football player but landed himself to IIM Calcutta. He founded at the age of 42 in 1996. He invested Rs. 2 crores in it and run the website without profit for three years. is the only indian portal achieving a feat of being in top 100 websites of world.

2) Sanjeev Bikhchandani


Estimated income: $6 million per year

Other Ventures – ,,
The Story - It took Sanjeev an IIT-IIM passout 13 struggling years to be known as founder of India’s most successful online venture. Sanjeev tried every business model of Naukri from trying to sell resume on CDs to surviving on wife’s salary and finally landed on the rising wave of india’s replication of sillicon valley.

3) Sanjeev Bikhchandani


Other Startups:

The Story - Anupam founded in 1996 and thanks to a Pandit who came for a mairrage proposal who inculcated the seeds in him. He thought it would be a great idea to arrange the soultion to the greatest indian problem and that too online. Currently have more than 10 million members and is the number one matchmaking website in India.

4) B.G. Mahesh


Other Ventures:

The Story - After early education from Patna and Mysore he went on to his M.S. from University of Alabama at Birmingham. In 1990 he found it very difficult to find a job in the US due to Gulf war. The first website Mahesh created was itself which was a blog covering important informations for NRIs. is a website in which he have dumped everything what indians want, from astro to jobs, and from travel to wallpapers. His classified portal is also ranked fourth in top classified websites in india.

5) VSS Mani


Estimated Earning: $3 million

The Story - VSS Mani is what we call the middle class Indian dream. He came from a middle class family, dropped his CA Studies and started just dial too late just because he didn’t have enough money. He arranged Rs.50,000 and made a company worth Rs.500 crore which we all know.

6) Satya Prabhakar


Estimated Earnings: $3.5 million

The Story - Satya Prabhakar is an NIT, Tiruchirapally Alumni and founded Sulekha which is the largest yellow pages website in the country. Satya raised money from Indigo Monsoon Group and Norwest Venture Partners to make from two employees to more than 500 employees with 10 offices in India, US and Canada.

7) Pankaj Agarwal


Estimated Revenue from Adsense: $1.2 million

The Story - Pankaj Agarwal passed out from IIM Indore and instead of opting for a high paying job with low risk , opted for a low paying dream with high risk. Clickindia was founded in a garage of Noida with 4 other and it took one years to realize that they made the right choices in life.

8) VV Raju


Earnings: $1.1 million / Year

The Story - Entrepreneurship was always on Raju’s mind after completing MCA from Nagarjuna University. 24 year old Raju started Way2sms on an ad supported model which is the most used bulk messaging service online in india. Its a win win situation for raju and his website users. Users gains as they are able to send a free sms and Raju gain as some of them click on the Ads.

9) Ashish Kashyap


Revenue: $1 million / year

Other Websites:,
The Story - Prior to launching Ashish worked with organizations like MTv and Google india. Ibibo struggled a lot with its popularity in the starting days but gained popularity due to various features like and social networking mimicking Facebook.



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Chrome Canary: Newest Features of Chrome Browser Before Anyone Else


Google Chrome has always been the fastest in terms of loading pages as well as bringing new features. Chrome Labs come up with new feature almost everyday but stable builds which we get aren’t updated so frequently. Also, not all features are included in stable releases.
Chrome Canary is a way to test and use all the Newest features of Chrome Browser before anyone else. It is like Chromium (Beta Dev channel) but still different from them.

  • Canary gets updated almost everyday, each and every feature under test is included in this release.
  • It can run side by side of your stable Chrome browser.
  • No interference with existing installation and still you get to test new features.
  • Actually, a new yellow icon Chrome application is installed completely different from multicolored Chrome logo.

chrome canary Chrome Canary: Newest Features of Chrome Browser Before Anyone Else



Why Chrome Canary

It is always a good idea to test a new feature before releasing to public or developers. Not all features leads to improvement but may also cause instability. So, by releasing Canary, Google knows how the set of new features are going.

“Chrome Canary offers the same set of precautions. The Canary build is less stable, but it will be used to test even more cutting-edge features than the developer’s build, which already tests new features before they are pushed to the beta build. If a change “kills” Chrome Canary, Google will block it from the developer build.” ~ As on Make Use of


Chrome Canary Performance Results

If we take HTML5 test, it beats every browser out there including Chrome Stable.

canary html5 test Chrome Canary: Newest Features of Chrome Browser Before Anyone Else

In peacekeeper test, which takes into account all factors in web browser test, scores are breathtaking.

canary browser test results Chrome Canary: Newest Features of Chrome Browser Before Anyone Else







As said on official page, it is not for faint heart as you may lose browsing data due to crashing. I haven’t used it for a long time now but people are using it even as their primary browser. So, I must say, it is worth a try.



Set Canary as Default Browser

If you get convinced enough to use it default browser for daily use, it is not directly possible to do so. You have to run a small registry hack to set Chrome Canary as default Web browser on Windows.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac as of now.

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August 18, 2012

All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media


I never liked Samsung Kies and used Windows Explorer for File and Media Management on Android Phone. Somehow, it is not so convenient and didn’t had option to backup Contacts and Messages. So, Dedicated Phone Management software was necessary. Here we will be going through two Free software to perform all Android tasks directly from Windows Desktop.

1. MobileGO

Installation of MobileGo requires Mobile USB drivers to be already installed which if not, setup will prompt, download and install itself. Before connecting your phone to PC, USB Debugging mode should be activated as it installs MobileGo Daemon on Phone.

mobilego home All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

Interface of MobileGo is classified according to type of Files ad Content namely Contacts, SMS Messages, Music, Movies and Photos. You can add / edit / backup / restore Messages and Contacts in one click. Also, the Music and Movie management lets you organize playlists, add new songs to -library or set them as ringtone.

mobilego messages All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

Along with Data Management, it supports SMS / Contacts and Application Backup on demand which can be restored when needed. In my case however, it didn’t detect any Appliction installed (maybe because of Custom ROM) but SMS and Contacts backup worked fine.

mobilego backup restore All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

Wondershare MobileGo is really a wondrous software and worth a try for complete Android Phone Management right from Windows Desktop.

Note: For Samsung Mobile USB Drivers, you may face problem related to Shewsbury which will ask you to restart Computer again and again. To avoid that, Kill that application from Windows Task Manager and Don’t press Exit button on Window.

 Download MobileGo

2. Moborobo

moborobo All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

Moborobo is a simple and powerful tool to perform all tasks of your android Phone from PC. Like the previous software it also allows connection to your phone via USB or WiFi. For connecting your device the pre requirements remains the same, i.e Phone USB drivers must be installed and USB debugging must be turned on from within the device.

moborobo homescreen All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

Once your device is connected you can toggle around and view some quick details about the internal and external storage, remaining battery, information about contacts, messages, images, music and installed apps. You also have useful features like File Manager and Device backup.
You can transfer Android Contacts to iPhone

moborobo mobile screenshot All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

On the Home Screen you will also find various tools just below the image of your phone. With these tools you can capture screenshots and also view screen activities in real time.

moborobo sms All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

If your phone is connected to Moborobo, you can instantly receive and reply to SMS from your Pc without any hurdles. Other sections Like Data, Tunes, images and videos can be used to manage -these categories as usual and similar to MobileGo. Now the App section is bit interesting.

moborobo app screen All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

The App section shows all apps installed on your device. System apps cannot be uninstalled but user applications can be removed easily. New apps can be installed directly after downloading.
moborobo app download All in one Android Phone Management Software for SMS, Contacts and Media

You can select from numerous apps available in the app section. While installing the app you have option to put the application in internal or external memory directly. Pending tasks are shown in the upper right corner.

Each category has web resource, so you can download wallpaper, Apps, Ringtones & videos to your Device

Download Moborobo

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Who are Talking About You and Your Blog on Social Media and Internet


It’s human tendency to be curious about what people are talking about them. If you are a Blogger or involved in any Business on Internet, you surely want to know who all are talking about you, What people are saying about your brand. Not just on Social Media but on whole world wide web.
It would be nice if you get alerted whenever someone said a word about you or mention you anywhere on web. Till now, I used Google Alerts to monitor my name and my blog for mention on web.

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service which would monitor certain keyword (maybe your name, something of your interest, your blog’s name). And when something appears, email will arrive with details about the mention.

google alerts Who are Talking About You and Your Blog on Social Media and Internet

Google alerts are restricted to receiving just an email. I will introduce to one more nice application to get alerted whenever someone mentions you in blog, tweets or write a Facebook update about you. That too in more sophisticated way.

2. Mention

Mention is a name of app which lets you do this.
Sign up on mention and create alert for a keyword you want to monitor.

mention setup Who are Talking About You and Your Blog on Social Media and Internet

You can specify where to look for. For example specific sites, Social Media or complete web.
You can also filter out some URLs just to avoid clutter. Filtering URLs include your own sites and profiles where you mention yourself (obviously!).
Results are shown in pretty cool interface. Right tab shows details about each mention when clicked.

mention results Who are Talking About You and Your Blog on Social Media and Internet

Mention has Windows app, Web Interface and Chrome app too. Also has support for inbuilt Chrome notifications.

mention notifier Who are Talking About You and Your Blog on Social Media and Internet

Free version lets you get 1000 mentions per month and I bet that’s more than enough. Yup, you can always invite your friend and get 1000 more mentions for free in case you are feeling short of it.


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