If you ever used One Click Root, then you know how easy it is to root your devices. A member from XDA Developers, lyriquidperfection, has given HTC users around the world an awesome utility that they can use to root or unroot stock ROM devices.


How it Works?

The process of rooting your HTC device is fairly simple,1st  turn on USB Debugging.

Here are the steps:


  1. Connect your HTC device via USB cable
  2. Open HTC Quick Root
  3. Select the option to reboot the device when the rooting process is complete
  4. Click Root Device (or Unroot, depending on what you want to do)
It’s one of the simplest ways to root or unroot a smartphone, although the other methods work just as well, this program was created specifically for HTC users.
Give this app a try and see how easy it is to root your stock HTC device, or to unroot it if you ever want to revert back to the original ROM for warranty purposes.
[Via] XDA-Developers