April 10, 2013

windows 7 start orb - change the start menu icon


The themes that can be applied to the Windows 7 system change the wallpapers, icons and sounds but have no option to change the start orb along with the theme. We have a popular Windows 7 Themes gallery and here we take a further step in customizing your desktop.

Update: Some of the start orbs are no longer available. They are are marked with a strikethrough in the list and links are removed. (April, 2013)

How to change the Start Orb in Windows 7?

Refer to this guide to see How To Change Start Orbs in Windows 7.

The start orbs in this list below:
  • Movie Orbs
  • Game Orbs
  • Anime Orbs
  • Automobile Orbs
  • Tech Orbs
  • Sport Orbs

Click on the Start Orb Image To Download it:

  • Transformers

God Of War
Diablo 3Assasin's Creed
Star Wars
Need For Speed

Gears of War

Assassin's Creed Orb 2

Angry Birds Pig

Angry Red Bird
Angry Yellow Bird
Angry Blue Bird
Angry Black Bird
Angry Birds - King Pig

Halo Logo

One Piece Skull Symbol
Bleach Ichigo
Sharingan I
Mangekyou Sharingan
Bleach Hollow Mask
Sharingan II

One Piece Luffy
Naruto Start Orb
Naruto Eyes Orbs

Lamborghini Orb
Ferrari Orb
Porsche Orb
Mercedes Orb
Ferrari Orb II
BMW Start Orb

Ducati Start Orb Pack

Yamaha Start Orb Pack

Windows Orbs PackNew Win logo
Android Robot Orb Pack
Square Patch orb

Mac Pack Longhorn Fusion Orb

Facebook Orb
Deviant Art Orb
Twitter Orb

Chelsea Pack
Manchester United Pack
Real Madrid Start Orb

Football Orb
Arsenal Start Orb

Visit This link to know and find more and Amazing Orbs


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